FCC to Draft New Net Neutrality Rules:


In a story published by Reuters today, the FCC is not planning  to appeal the January court decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals (District of Columbia) that opened the door for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to impose restrictions on their connections. Rather, they plan on adopting a new set of guidelines for ISP’s specifically prohibiting the restriction or blocking of services on their networks. This is good news for Net Neutrality.

According to Reuters:

“FCC commissioners will now negotiate a new version of the rules that would ensure that network operators disclose exactly how they manage Internet traffic and that they do not restrict consumers’ ability to surf the Web or use applications.”

A Senior FCC Official stated that the new rules would be finished this Spring, and though they are not currently moving to reclassify ISP’s as Common Carriers “the option remains on the table.”

This is something we will definately be keeping an eye on.


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