Comcast Announces Merger with Time Warner – Another Blow to Net Neutrality:


In a surprise announcement today, Comcast has stated that they will buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 Billion.

This is not good news for the future of Net Neutrality, because what was formerly five major Internet Service Providers will now become four. If the thought of having so much control over Internet access was bad for five players, as we argued previously, then four will be even worse.

We already know Comcast has their eye on restricting and or prioritizing service based upon partnerships, and they have never been shy about selling “features” to their customers. Expanding their coverage and market share will only give Comcast more power to impose their will on Internet accessibility.

Keep an eye on this. The FCC and DOJ will need to approve this deal before it happens, so let’s hope they realize that further reducing competition in the Broadband marketplace is a BAD IDEA.

Again, maintaining Net Neutrality affects everyone. Big Data does not care who you vote for. They only want more of your money. By allowing Big Data to consolidate and gain even more influence over both content providers and consumers, the only winner will be the carriers.

 Do not go gentle into that goodnight.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
                                                  -Dylan Thomas


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